Shared Hosting Services

Shared hosting services, also called virtual hosting is simply when numerous websites share the same server, so minimizing the cost for everyone.  This type of hosting is appropriate for personal websites, small businesses as well as medium sized organization if their hosting requirements fit within the parameters of a small business. Pencil shared hosting services plan is the most affordable and the quickest way to get your website online. The powerful, almost limitless capacity and feature-rich makes it the best and suitable for entry-level websites, small business websites, portfolios and blogs. We, at Pencil have been helping designers, developers, entrepreneurs and even content creators get their dreams online for years. So, host your website at, and see what our huge experience with devoted and professional can do for you.
Why Choose Our Shared Hosting?
Although you may not inevitably fit well within a shared hosting environment there is a big reason shared hosting is the most popular, and it is an optimal opportunity available for paid hosting solutions. In addition, most small businesses, medium sized businesses and individual web sites will thrive in a shared hosting environment. Today, website hosting is an extremely competitive industry, so it is common to get a host that provides affordable packages that are rich in features. Some of the benefits of our shared hosting include:

Scalability: We have a wide range of hosting packages, and the smallest package comes with the lowest bandwidth and disc space allotments with may have only a minimum amount of added features. Besides, there is a graduating packages as well that include extra features for a greater price. So, you can go for the smallest package, and then upgrade package as your website nurtures.

Traits:  We have ample options in features that will suit about everyone’s needs, for example, one click installation of trendy scripts, which will add functionality to your site. More examples of scripts include blogs, chat, forums, calendars that will be included in your hosting package.

Efficiency: One of the most vital things about our website hosting is the bandwidth and space. Bandwidth helps you to run your business professionally and successfully, while shared web hosting provides you enough space and bandwidth. Remember, you can add plenty of resources in your website with more space.

Inexpensive:  The greatest benefit of our shared hosting is extremely cheap. We charge for the single server. You can get enough space up to 35 -40 GB in the shared hosting.